Living alone in a land of peril, Erik Salitan's
heightened awareness helps him survive.
Life Below Zero is unlike the protected, regulated life that most people lead in the lower 48 states. Erik Salitan must use his exceptional
to assess life-and-death situations in the
Alaskan bush that demand ZERO HESITATION.
“You become very keen when you live in the woods.”
Hear It in His Own Words
A home situated in the unspoiled countryside affords Erik privacy, freedom, and unlimited opportunities to enjoy everything that nature has to offer in
Erik Explains How The Woods Affect Him
Erik's remote location also puts him in
and other apex predators for the top link of the food chain. Even with a rifle, his continued dominance is not guaranteed.
“When you're out in the woods, the only one you can really rely on is yourself.
you have to have
a lot
of confidence;
if you don't have that, it's probably not a good idea to be out in the woods to begin with.”
During a hunt with a client, Erik must pay attention to his prey, the challenges created by the environment, and how his clients' actions might affect a situation. In the Alaskan bush, game animals also have heightened senses, and the wrong move can reverse the roles of predator and prey in an instant.
Awareness helps Erik decide when he needs to be
silent, when to run, and when to make use of his
hunting rifle.
Erik Offers His Opinion On Guns And Hunting
To feed himself and to supplement his income, Erik
hunts and traps all manner of wildlife.
When the opportunity arises, he uses his years of experience to track
wolves, each of their pelts worth a hefty sum. If he is not fully aware
of his surroundings and careful with his approach, Erik may frighten
the wolves away, or worse,
become their
Erik Salitan
Test Your
Can you cross your yard without making a sound?
It takes more than awareness‎ to live Life Below Zero
Nature Also Demands Bravery
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