Despite the dangers of icy solitude, Glenn Villeneuve
thrives in the tundra thanks to his bravery.
Life Below Zero is defined by extremes; beauty, independence, and danger are facts of life in Alaska. To survive, Glenn must face every day with
and certainty; arctic subsistence living
tolerates ZERO DOUBT.
“This is the last place in the world where I thought I could live like this.”
Hear It in His Own Words
Plagued by harsh conditions and frequent threats from apex predators, Glenn must possess considerable bravery to live alone in
Hear Glenn Talk About Chandalar
On more than one occasion, Glenn's bravery has saved his life.
Whether defending his position from a charging moose or engaging a large wolf pack in a do-or-die battle, Glenn's
has proven to be an
asset in the bush.
“What I fear most is letting life pass by without
living it
to the
After a prolonged stay in Fairbanks, Glenn returns to his camp in Chandalar and makes a frightening discovery; there are claw marks on the door of his modest cabin, clear evidence that a bear has recently been marauding in his camp. Brave and refusing to retreat despite the potential danger, Glenn prepares to start a fire.
Although he routinely braves sub-zero
temperatures, Glenn remains alive and warm
thanks to wood hewn with his
Glenn Discusses The Significance Of His Axe
Back in his Chandalar cabin and relatively safe from
the wildlife, Glenn realizes that he must immediately
venture back outside into the frozen tundra to chop
enough wood to heat his home.
If he succumbs to the numbing cold before he can gather enough
fuel for his stove, Glenn could die
in the wilderness.
Glenn Villeneuve
Test Your
Can you conquer one of your longstanding fears?
It takes more than bravery‎ to live Life Below Zero
Nature Also Demands Perseverance
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