Ingenuity is more than a virtue for
Andy and Kate Bassich; it is a way of life.
Life Below Zero requires flexible thinking and a flair for practical experimentation. Having devised countless clever ways to make their lives richer, Andy and Kate have proven that their
“The less you have, the more creative you must become.”
Hear It in Their Own Words
Andy and Kate face many challenges when transporting supplies from the nearest town to their remote home. Living in isolation has made them adept at creative problem solving, so they always find a way to reach
Eagle, Alaska
Andy Proudly Describes His Homestead
To feed more than 20 sled dogs,
Andyconstructed an
automatic fishing wheel
that scoops hundreds of live fish directly from the Yukon River.
The fish provide free, nutritious meals for the animals during the harsh winters.
Depending on the weather, the Yukon River may not freeze at a point easily accessible from Andy's homestead. The ice along the shoreline could be too unstable to provide safe passage for his sled team. When nature refuses to cooperate, Andy has to find a way to reach the start of the river's solid ice.
“I look at things in nature and think,
'What can I
use this for?'”
Ingenuity becomes invaluable when the trees
choke off routes to civilization. To blaze a safe
trail through the forest, Andy relies on his
Andy Explains Why His Chainsaw is Indispensable
Alone, Andy must face the harsh Alaskan winds to begin cutting a trail through the dense forest.
Before long, the bitter cold could literally freeze his chainsaw, rendering it inoperable.
If he fails to complete his new sled trail, Andy and Kate may be unable to obtain life-sustaining supplies necessary to
survive the harsh
Andy & Kate Bassich
Test Your
Can you plot 3 alternate routes to the grocery store?
It takes more than ingenuity‎ to live Life Below Zero
Nature Also Demands Resourcefulness
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