A strong will enables Sue Aikens to hold her
ground in the heart of bear country and to
live life on her own terms.
Life Below Zero in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness is not for the weak-willed. Even matters of basic survival require unwavering
and nature tolerates ZERO WEAKNESS.
“Whatever gets tossed at you, you deal with it.”
Hear It in Her Own Words
Sue Aikens spends nine months of the year living
alone as the sole resident of
Kavik River Camp
Sue Describes What She Loves About Kavik
She faces daunting challenges in aquiring help and supplies in this isolated landscape.
Her closest neighbors are 83 grizzly bears that have taken up
residence 10 miles from her camp,
and these apex predators have
Sue's resolve
in the past.
Sue was once dragged from her bed by a grizzly bear, mauled, and left for dead. She dug deep within herself and found the strength and determination to treat her own wounds, track and kill the bear that assaulted her, and make a full recovery.
the sound
it makes when a bear’s
crunching on your head and
has his jaws on your throat.”
Vigilance is where awareness meets perseverance.
To keep an eye on the horizon, Sue relies on her
Listen to Sue Use Her Binoculars
Occasionally, the grizzlies become restless and
harass the Kavik River Camp.
Sue makes the bold decision to track
the bears that have been getting
too close and to
eliminate the
Sue Aikens
Test Your
Can you walk 1.25 miles every day?
It takes more than perseverance to live Life Below Zero
Nature Also Demands Ingenuity
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