Even during times of difficulty, Chip and Agnes Hailstone find ways to succeed.
Life Below Zero depends on making efficient use of everything and using any surplus for bartering. Chip and Agnes rely on their
to thrive in the challenging Alaskan wilderness
while tolerating ZERO WASTE.
“If you want something, you either make it yourself or do without.”
Hear It in Their Own Words
Raising their seven children with few modern conveniences, Chip and Agnes enjoy combining traditional and modern methods of keeping everyone safe, warm, and well-fed in
Chip & Agnes Share Feelings of Freedom
In the early days of their relationship, Chip and Agnes owned little more than a boat, a snow machine, a sled, and a few rifles. Almost everything they owned could fit in a boat at once,
but years of hard work
have yielded a rich, self-sufficient family life. The family typically has little reason to head into town for supplies.
With such a large family, Chip and Agnes face a considerable challenge in hunting, fishing, and storing enough food to feed the entire Hailstone clan for the long Alaskan winter. Fortunately, the river provides a bounty of fish, and the land offers herds of caribou that can be hunted efficiently and humanely using techniques passed down for generations.
“we've wasted our time before; we've wasted resources, we've wasted money.
that's what has
made us wise,
because we're not out to do that again.”
The traditional blade that Agnes uses daily is
an invaluable tool. A key element
of her resourcefulness is her
Agnes Details How She Uses Her Ulu
Unusually warm weather can disrupt time-tested winter preparations and cause the Hailstones to fall behind on their food stockpiling.
Chip and Agnes know they will have to mount a successful caribou hunt on the river with their children, a rite of passage in the family. Food could become scarce if they are unable to kill enough fat bull caribou before the animals flee the area in the
cold, dark
months ahead.
Chip & Agnes Hailstone
Test Your
Can you repurpose 100% of your garbage for a week?
It takes more than resoucefulness‎ to live Life Below Zero
Nature Also Demands Awareness
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